Primary Instructor

At St. Mary's University

Mind-Body Problem (Spring 2021)



At UNC Chapel Hill

Philosophical Texts that Changed the

World: An Introduction to Philosophy

through Great Works (Fall 2019)



At McGill

Contemporary Moral Issues (Winter 2019)



Philosophy of Mind (Winter 2018)


Guest Lecturer

At McGill

Topics in Philosophy: Self-Deception, Dr. Maiya Jordan (Winter 2017)

Introduction to Philosophy (x2), Prof. Emily Carson (Winter 2017) 

Philosophy of Mind (x2), Dr. Maiya Jordan (Winter 2016) 

17th Century Philosophy, Prof. Emily Carson (Winter 2017)

Teaching Assistant

At McGill

Introduction to Philosophy (Fall 2018)

Introduction to Philosophy (Fall 2017)

Contemporary Moral Issues (Winter 2017)

Introduction to Philosophy (Fall 2016)

Philosophy of Mind (Winter 2016)

Introduction to Moral Philosophy (Fall 2015)

Introduction to Philosophy (Winter 2015)

Introduction to Deductive Logic (Fall 2014)